Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Beast Performance

Samsung Galaxy Note and S Series are not only the Samsung’s exclusive smartphones and phablet series, but also the members in the series hold the capability to offer the fastest possible performance in an Android device. And now Samsung engineers are completing one challenge to take the performance of upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to an unbeatable stage.


Before knowing about the Note 5, you must know about the performance level of previous general Galaxy Note device, the overall performance of the Note 4 is exceptional; we have no complaint more than the typical lag that you find. This terminal has one of the fastest processors and a bit silly RAM, 3GB is able to move your applications without problem. That is terrible that even at this stage, advanced devices such as this continue to have this small but permanent problem. With a processor quad-core 2.7GHz and 3 GB of RAM, now no application that Note 4 is not possible. Literally it is able to move everything to install it. Even when you have many applications open, the performance does not decline and that you can expect in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 too.

Samsung continues to use a fingerprint reader on your start button already revealed in the Galaxy S6 too. Therefore, having the experience of other terminals, it is strange that not one iota would improve their sensitivity and not allow add more than 3 footprints. It is absurd, only 3 tracks. The fingerprint reader of Samsung is bad, do your job to unlock the screen but with many problems.

No time you try to unlock Note 4 not pass bad my mark and this detail takes you out of your boxes at the third attempt. S-Pen is the big bet of the Note range of Samsung, a digital pen that once you take it out, is able to display a context menu to capture the screen and annotate or create a quick note in the form of post-it. We are not anywhere near the right person to use these pencils because we have never liked, and we’ve never needed.

But once you have it is seldom that you really need. It’s okay to have it and is sometimes a way of taking quick notes interesting. Even quick notes Samsung can recognize text you have written or numbers and turn them into action to call, send a message or send an email. So, what else do you need, Samsung Galaxy Note series is full companion to you, and with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the things would be easier. And here it won’t end we would even see other new members in the Galaxy Note series but later 2016 or after two years. Note series is one of the miracles that happened to Samsung and now Samsung is ruling the Android smartphone world and for another brand it is not easy to reach that remarkable point.

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