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Social shopping, a fun and interesting idea pass product opinion to many web commentators. Actually, it is a particular kind of web service having roots in the social explosion of Web 2.0. Reliable and popular social shopping sites offer an open and independent podium that let users to add products, provide a product rating and post a review.

Social shopping

They are service oriented sites, offer tools for users to use and extremely rely on user generated content to establish the agenda. It lets users to band together, talk about particular products and brands and give a reliable alternative voice to the product.

Shopperb is one of best social shopping sites allowing users to share product information and information, create useful content, highlight gems of certain products, and much more. We give prime value to user generated content and strive to satisfy significant element of online shopping process – research.

Shopperb combines social aspects such as social networking community attributes with elements of shopping such as product ratings, reviews and deal hunting. We make use of certain social communities into the online conversation, which give context for product rated comments and spreading of product opinion.

We are an evolution of the affiliate model because we look for monetizing user generated content by sending traffic to our ecommerce store where visitors can buy products. You will enjoy the first true social shopping experience at Shopperb! You can share your curated lists, connect with similar shoppers, and last but not least, compare prices with other ecommerce stores.

You are allowed to make your own cart wall at our shop online and share your opinions on products with friends and family. Let’s come and explore what shopper has to offer you. We help you shop socially, share, organize and discount things you like.

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