Show and Tell: How to Keep Your Home Safe While You Sell

Are you selling your home – or are you inviting a burglar? It’s a clever ploy. Advertise an open house, and let complete strangers wander through every inch of your house. You want that “lived-in” look, so you don’t do much to secure your things. That’s when disaster strikes. At the end of the day, you realize that your iPad is missing, it looks like someone went through your sock drawer, and your jewelry box is gone. You’ve just been robbed. Don’t let this happen to you.

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Be Present When Agents Show Your House

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to actually be there when the agent is showing the house. It’s unbelievable, but many homeowners will just hand the keys to the agent and take a hike. That’s a huge mistake. While your agent isn’t likely to rob you (hopefully), he also isn’t your security guard. He may not be the most observant person or he may not be suspect the potential buyer is really just a burglar casing the joint.

Get a Security System

A security system is another good addition to your home. First, it just makes sense to have tight security on your home – regardless of whether you’re selling it or not. A good security system ties in to the local police and allows fire and emergency services to be alerted when there’s a break-in or fire. Consider getting a system that also comes equipped with video surveillance.

Finally, extensive use of proximity sensors, glass-breakage sensors, and infrared motion sensors will make any crook think twice about breaking into your home.

Lock Up Your Valuables During A Showing

Lock up any jewelry, expensive electronics, and even your car and house keys whenever you show a house. Most homeowners have spare keys. Some people “hide” them in plain sight – under the welcome mat, in a vase next to the door, or even right on a cork-board in the kitchen. Thieves can make off with the spare and you’ll never realize it until it’s too late.

Really clever thieves might come in during an open house, grab a set of house keys, hand them off to someone outside, and have them run and make copies and return the keys. That way, you’ll never know that your keys were stolen.

Forget About Open House Showings

If you really want to secure your house when you’re selling it, don’t do open houses. Sure, they’re a good way to get a lot of people looking at your home. But you’re only going to sell it to one person. Have your agent show the house by appointment only. This way, you’ll get more qualified buyers, and you won’t have to worry about random strangers walking through your home.

Ask For ID

It might seem like an odd thing to do, but ask for ID from everyone who looks at the house. For some criminals, this will be enough to scare them off. If you really want to protect yourself, make a copy of the person’s driver’s license. You might get some push-back on this from prospective buyers. There’s also the risk that you’ll alienate some people who have privacy concerns over having their driver’s license photocopied, but the upside is that you’ll have documentation of everyone walking through your door.

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