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When we imagine of the vast African Savannahs, the image of huge, healthy lions pops up in our mind. However, in reality, the scenario has changed to a great extent. The lions ruling the Savannahs have lost about 75% of their habitat in the last fifty years as men started usurping their land, thus, dwindling the lion population. The P.A.L (Protecting African Lions) campaign has been initiated to safeguard the lion species that faces the imminent danger of extinction.

PAL Bracelet

PAL bracelets are being made and sold to accumulate funds for helping the ambassadors collect the money required for African lion conservation. You can visit an authentic site selling PAL jewelry and get yourself a nice PAL bracelet.

Buy PAL Bracelets and Contribute to Lion Conservation Campaign

The lion happens to be the pride of Africa. The animal stands as the universal symbol of power and strength, imparting a sense of awe and inspiration. It is hard to conceive of Africa without lions. Thus, to conserve the lions from extinction, the PAL supporters have come forward to extend their helping hands.  The ambassadors of PAL strongly believe that the campaign will create a difference in offering a safe and healthy environment where the Africans lions will be able to thrive.

Browse Through the Rich Varieties

Different types of PAL bracelets are now available. You can get any PAL bracelet   from the wrist wraps, Lassoes, Sami, and Double Sami that are specifically designed for the women. These bracelets will not only enhance your overall look, but the money you pay for them will be used for a charitable and wise purpose. PAL bracelets are also made for men. The Lassoes and Wrist wraps are the most popular among the men’s collections. If you browse through the signature collections of PAL bracelets, you will be amazed by the rich variety.

Buy PAL Bracelets Online

You can consider buying a PAL bracelet online. The key benefit of online purchase is that you can find the item of your choice easily and buy it from the comfort of your home.  You can also consider buying gift certificates online and pay for them using your chosen store’s standard payment method.

Lianne Landman is a well-known for handmade jewelry designer in South Africa and also offers the PAL bracelets to allow customers from all over the world to show their support for protecting African Lions. 

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