Simple and Best Living Room Design Ideas

Living room was once called as Parlor rooms earlier in 19th centuries. This was renamed to living rooms. The designing of living room depends on the idea of occupying it. The person who is going to live there, how do they use it?

Depending on that the designs can be created, because for each person the usage may differ. Some think to keep their living room as a guest room. Some feel that they should keep it as their own rest room. So based on these ideas the living room can be designed.

The living room inside Elvis Presley's mansion...

The living room inside Elvis Presley’s mansion, Graceland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you wish to get the best living room design ideas for your guest room, here it goes. Arrange the furniture properly. The furniture should be arranged such that people are able to face each other and talk.

There should be a stand in between the furniture, where any documents or books can be kept. There should no other source of noises from outside to this room so that the discussion goes peacefully.

If you are going to use your living room as your rest or entertainment room, then it should be designed accordingly. The wall stand television could be got and fixed on the walls. The home theatre should be fixed at proper distance that the sound is pleasant and enjoyable.

While getting various living room design ideas the color of the living room matters. The colors should be pleasant and similar to the color of the wall in the living room. There can be some art works hanged on the wall of the living what ever the purpose of the room.

The art frames should be neither too big nor too small for the area of the room and the size of the furniture. The art should be at the eye level of the person who is seeing regardless of his height. These are the simple but best living room design ideas.

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  1. Diane

    Apr 10. 2013

    Interesting living room ideas! I could use up some space in my living room and attached a flat screen for entertainment!