Skulls and other Osteological Specimens for Sale

Real animal bones for sale at Skulls Unlimited! No, it’s not a joke. These days, there are a few companies that offer genuine osteological specimens and equipment, for scientific and educational purposes. Skulls Unlimited is a store that features the widest collection of animal and human bone specimens, as well as bird eggs, fossils, and skeletons.

English: A Human Skull Being Cleaned by Dermes...

English: A Human Skull Being Cleaned by Dermestid Beetles at Skulls Unlimited International, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Animal bones and other osteological specimens for sale

Yes, Skulls Unlimited has one of the largest collections of animal bones for sale. Although the price may be high, genuine quality is guaranteed. Ask for any type of osteological specimen, and the company will provide it in no time at all. However, real human skulls for sale are only available for limited periods. There are times when these skulls are rare to find. When such a scenario occurs, one can pre-order the item and the company will work to acquire the required specimen.

Sale items available at Skulls Unlimited

Presently, the company is offering discounts on some old stocks. The skulls of some dead animals, such as the gray fox, fisher, American opossum, and muskrat, are available for sale. These are all genuine skulls, which have been preserved very carefully. They are mostly used for medical research purposes. The price of each skull varies from one item to another.
Skulls for sale are available for a limited period only. Act fast, before time runs out.

Availability of human skulls and skeletons

Do you want artificial or real skulls? Both are available at Skulls Unlimited. Those who are looking for real human skulls will find them here at Skulls Unlimited. The company guarantees 100 percent genuine skulls from deceased humans. They also stock artificial skulls.These are available for comparatively low prices.

Human skulls are prepared very carefully to ensure the best outcome. They are available as per gender and age. Different skulls are required for different types of medical research purposes. Medical institutes have a great demand for these osteological specimens. Apart from skulls, the company also has a collection of complete human skeletons, as well as other bone structures. There are a variety of different types of human bone structure models available at Skulls Unlimited. While the rates are a bit high, at the same time, the quality of the product is guaranteed.

Hard to find osteological specimens

The company offers specific osteological specimens that are very hard to find. These items are extremely rare and are available only in the showrooms of Skulls Unlimited. Some of these items are in high demand. They include turtle skulls and shells, cow and horse ribs, ground squirrel skulls, horse canines, cow hind legs, lizard skulls, ibex horns, and parakeet wings and tails. Each of these items is preserved very carefully.

If one wishes to make a purchase, one will need to place an order a few days in advance. Most of the time, these items may not be available in all showrooms of Skulls Unlimited. If ordered, these items are brought from the research laboratories of the company. However, these unique and rare specimens are not cheap in price. Then again, it is very rare to acquire these specimens.

When making a purchase, one needs to be aware that there are several stores that sell duplicate products. Only Skulls Unlimited guarantees the very best of skulls and other body specimens, in a legal manner. There are neither any hidden costs involved, nor any legal complications to deal with later.

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