Some wedding photography tips for Bride & Groom in Da Lat – the most beautiful place in Vietnam

When speak of Vietnam, Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City would be mentioned almost immediately by most of people. But unike Ha Noi, which is known for its is antiquity, or Ho Chi Minh City – known for its modern and dynamic lifestyle, but being called as the “City of Love”, Da Lat is definitely the only the city which can fit that name.

Rcently, more and more beautiful wedding albums are taken in Da Lat. And it is not by chance that the city is chosen by couples to take their important pictures here favor the city.

That’s why Pixel Studio – a famous wedding photography vendor in Vietnam – would share some wedding photography tips in Da Lat such as the places, the weather, the agenda as well as our experience.

Which is the most beautiful season to go to Da Lat?

If you are planning on going on a trip to Da Lat wondering when is the best time to go, the answer is whenever you want to. Because Da Lat has all 4 seasons in one day: the weather changes very quickly here, from sunny to rainy, from hot to cold. Our advice is: always have raincoats in your bag if you don’t want to be wet like a drowned rat and catch a cold.

But if you want to take your wedding photos here, the answer is only during October and February. You would probably want to have your photograph album taken in golden sun and blue sky instead of gray sky and pouring rain, that’s why the period between October and February is the best season because Da Lat will enter the “dry” season during and the rainfall rate will be lower. Our best wedding albums in Da Lat are often shot during that season.

How long should the trip last?

Usually, we would go on a 2 or 3 days trip and use around 1,5 days for the photo-shoot session. And since the shooting locations in Da Lat are often far apart, you should only choose around 3 or 5 places to take pictures or it would be very tiring.

And if you are wondering where are the best places to take your wedding pictures, here are a few places that we would like to recommend.

Da Lat is the land of Cherry Blossom. Therefore, it could be Da Lat’s most beautiful season but it is also the most crowded season. It would nearly be impossible to have your pictures taken with the cherry trees. However, you can still have some nice pictures if you go early in the morning.

The Cool Camp is a famous shooting location, but the sceneries along the way are also great. You might discover many beautiful scenes if you try to look around a little bit such as the hydrangea flowers garden or the Cool Camp Station.

Da Lat is famous for the “Lonely Pine”, it is a “must-go” location if you ever come to Da Lat. The way to get there is quite hard to go, but the reward is really worth it because the path is really beautiful. Yet, not many people know about it existence.

Another must-go place is the Hill of pink grass located on the way to the Yellow Valley. At the moment, from October to November, the Hill is turned into a free tourist attraction. Hopefully, this intervention wouldn’t affect the natural beauty of this place.

We’ve mentioned many places but truthfully speaking, Da Lat is the paradise of dreams, you can jump out and randomly take a picture and it will turn out to be just fine. It is probably the most romantic city of Vietnam, a beautiful and promising place that those dreamers and those who are seeking for a dream-like and romantic trip cannot miss.


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