The Top 10 Accessories for Steampunk Style

Steampunk style combines the beauty of Victorian Era with unique industrial designs. Typical costumes include elements of 19th century style with sci-fi inspiration and heavy metal accessories.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect costume to wear for Halloween or an upcoming cosplay convention or simply interested in adding a few unique pieces to your regular wardrobe, there are a number of accessories out there to create a proper steampunk ensemble.

Here are the top ten accessories for steampunks.


Traditional luxury watches similar to those worn by men during the 19th century are an essential piece for steampunk enthusiasts.

Watches like Second-hand omega watches are typically made of gold, and may be oversized or have exposed gears. Funky, ornate designs with heavy metal accents are a popular choice.


A good rule of thumb for steampunks is to opt for leather, lace, or silk gloves. Traditional or fingerless gloves can be worn to take your ensemble to the next level.

Top Hats and Derby Hats

Top hats and derby hats were worn frequently by men in the 18th century. Today’s steampunks typically put a unique spin on traditional style.

Men and women wear hats with unique detailing, such as lace, or heavy metal embellishments.


Glasses, similar to those worn by Sherlock Holmes, are also a popular choice among steampunk men.

Rounded lenses with shiny metal frames are the perfect accessory for any outfit or costume. It doesn’t matter if you typically wear prescription glasses or not, it’s all about the style.

Aviator Hats

Aviator gear is popular with steampunk enthusiasts. If you want to create an outfit true to the genre, top your outfit off with a steampunk aviator hat for authentic style.

Fitted, leather aviator hats inspired by Amelia Earhart and the Red Baron are a perfect accessory for your costume..


What would a period costume be without a corset? Steampunk corsets are a far cry from those worn in the Victorian Era.

The structure is the same, but that’s where similarities end. Steampunk corsets are typically made out of leather or embellished with lace. Most are adorned with shiny metal buttons, zippers, and detailing.


You may be wondering what on Earth a spat is. Typically worn by men, spats are designed to fit over boots and shoes.

They usually have buttons up the side and may be ankle or knee height, depending on style preference. Spats are an essential element of any period costume.


Traditional glasses are popular, but if you want to kick your steampunk style up a notch goggles are a great way to do it. Aviator goggles with leather detailing paired with a fitted aviator hat take your look to the next level.


19th-century vests and waistcoats are an essential element for the steampunk man. Stick to fitted styles with embellished detailing for an authentic look.


Heavy metal chains securing wallets or pocket watches to clothing are symbolic of steampunk style —particularly thick styles made of warmly colored metals such as gold or brass.

Many waistcoats come equipped with small pockets designed for traditional watches, so that chains remain visible.

Creating the perfect steampunk costume is easy. You just need the right accessories!

Whether you’re planning your outfit for an upcoming convention or Halloween, or simply want to add some visual interest to your wardrobe, these ten accessories can help you kick your style up a notch.

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