Successful AlgoRates

AlgoRates, branched out originally as a division of Algo Capital, became the independent entity from 2007.

Algorates It has established its revolutionizing presence through sophisticated algorithmic trading over 150 countries through its continuous monitoring of the customized technology by high-caliber professionals. The services are tailored to suit every type of investors from low/ middle level to high net worth investors.

The investments as per the algorithmic trading advice of the program always tend to yield higher returns than the industry average or than what you have expected or what you have been receiving in the past.

It is a type of ‘fit and forget’ investment i.e. once you invest through this organization, it will offer the full service of the management of your investment accounts. You may also have a track of the management of your accounts online.

AlgoRates has ensured a return on investment consistently of more than 20% besides the financial safety and security or your funds. The accounts of each client are subject to the supervision of two separate accounting firms and specialists in finance law. Besides the funds, the data and its information technology on online services are also fully secured with 256 bit SSL encryption, true site identity assurance, webTrust compliance and hacker safe McAfee Secure. It allows the clients to have full control in respect of the risk levels and foresees the possible risks and takes preventive actions.

AlgoRates has carved a niche as most profit earning trading robots available in the market, as certified by the MarketWatch of Wall Street Journal. Its predictions through Technical Analysis and extrapolation of past trends as to fall in the gold prices have turned into realty. Another example to substantiate the positive claims of the tool is that prediction of the plummeting trend of the Australian Dollars and disposal of the same to the ultimate profit of the customers.

Because of all these, its name figures in many financial magazines and newspapers.

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