Text your ex back – is it work?

Seldomly do relationships end in a way that neither side texts the other one It you are the one that has the urge to send the message, think twice! Is it really worth it? Are the words you want to tell them so important? Could you tell the same to their face? If not, then it’s not even worth the sending the text.

Text your ex back

If you think there are things left unsaid, it is better to say it to someone’s face. Besides, nobody can quote you after a face-to-face conversation. Texts are often used as a tool to make fun of the person you used to date, trust me It you are the person receiving texts from your ex – well, you can either change your number, ignore the texts or text them back and end up getting back together with them because they sent you a few piteous texts.

C’mon – you’re better than that, right? It should definitely take more than a couple of texts to get you back!

My secret rule after a break-up is to either delete the number from the phone (which works only if you didn’t remember the number) or change your own number. Either one of those things must be done. Why? Because sooner or later one or the other will get drunk or feel kinda lonely and they will try to contact the other person – because why not, right?

Sure, it seems like a great idea at the moment, but you won’t feel the same tomorrow. So don’t text your ex back. Block their number, get a new cell phone, it doesn’t matter what you do, but trust me – someday you’ll thank me. That way you’ll go through the griefing period not only easier, but faster as well!

Some people decide to stay good friends after their break up and they continue talking to each other, tenting, etc. That’s nonsense and it’s just a matter of time when someone gets hurt or irritated. There is no such thing as friendship after you’ve been in a relationship, there is no such thing as friendship after you’ve seen each other naked – and that’s it

You may think it’s possible, but just wait for the first time that your ex-boyfriend “friend” texts you that he’s in love. Now that’s a lot to swallow. You don’t need to hate the guy, but to maintain friendship with the person you loved – it’s hardly possible.

Don’t be foolish. Relationships end. And when they do, texting should too.

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