The Australian Cattle Dog – One of the Extraordinary Dogs in the World

There are so many varieties and breeds of dogs available all over the world with multiple variations in color, size, hair distribution, taming, work, etc. Among those many variations the Australian Cattle Dog is one of the major varieties which is originally a breed of the herding dog developed in the country Australia mainly for the purpose to drive the cattle for a long distance across the hard terrains.

English: Australian Cattle Dog - mature blue male

English: Australian Cattle Dog – mature blue male (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basically the Australian Cattle Dog is a medium sized dog with short coated hairs. It occurs in two major forms of colors like either black haired or brown haired.

The color of hairs will be distributed evenly in the body with a white coated color in between which gives the Australian Cattle Dog a red colored or blue colored appearance. Because of this color distribution and its work efficiency the Australian Cattle Dog is called as Blue healer or Red healer.

Normally the tamed dogs are more intelligent and very active in character. Whereas the Australian Cattle Dog is highly intelligent than any other breeds of dogs and in character it is more efficient and fast moving than any other dogs and that so it is used for driving the cattle.

The Australian Cattle Dog responds very well to the trainers particularly for the interesting and challenging tasks.

The main advantage with the Australian Cattle Dog is that it forms a strong binding and attachment with its owners and thus it acts as a good protector for its owners. It is very easy to tame and maintain and requires very little time period to bring under control. The most common and major health issues which come to the Australian Cattle Dog are progressive blindness and deafness.

The Australian Cattle Dog not only participates in driving the cattle but also participates in the dog’s competition and events actively and shows its talent effectively. If you want to know about How long they live just check out here.

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