The Eighth Floor, a film about the struggles of Cystic fibrosis

For many people, cancer is about wearing a ribbon to show support for people that may have it, know someone that has it or has died from it. The Eighth Floor, is a project that raises awareness about what it really is like to live with cancer, especially one that is not so common and can affect you from the time you are as young as 2 years old.

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At 21, Ashley would love to be an ordinary college student enjoying college life and the things that most young adults do, unfortunately, her life is far from ordinary, at the age of 15 she found out that she has an incurable, life-threatening disease and ever since she has had to endure acute problems breathing and several medical procedures that will not cure her but only treat the symptoms for the time being.

The Eighth Floor is a movie about Ashley and her struggle with Cystic fibrosis, an incurable life-threatening cancer that causes severe problems breathing. Not many people know about this type of cancer and this movie seeks to bring to life what it is like to live with the disease and at the same time try and live a normal life.

Ashley wrote for a college class, a touching story about her life with Cystic fibrosis and this greatly touched Veteran Filmmaker Michael Crabtree who was inspired to make a movie based on Ashley’s experience. the movie seeks to bring to light what it really is like to live with cancer knowing there is no cure and having to see some of your friends lose the battle to the same disease and yet still persist despite the odds to have as normal a life as you can have.

Michael Crabtree and his crew already have covered most of the costs of production but still need funding to cover the accommodation costs of the crew, meals and travel, this is why they are appealing to the public on Kickstarter to make any contribution towards the 3,360 dollars needed to cover these costs. The contributions will not go unnoticed as there will be rewards ranging from hand-written thank you notes by Ashley and being listed as a backer in the movie credits.

This project offers a chance to make cancer awareness more than just wearing a ribbon.

You can support this project and join the them at:

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