The First Time User Experience of Canal Cruising Holidays

If like me you wondered what it was like to take a break on a boat but were put off by thoughts of creating your own version of the Titanic relax it’s for everyone. The boat steers with a wheel like the one in your car. You get used to the relaxed lifestyle going where you want and when you want.

Canal Cruising Holidays


Undoubtedly one of the main attractions of canal boats is the sense freedom it gives you to go where you want and at your own pace. If you find somewhere you like on your cruise, perhaps it’s the food or the scenery that takes your fancy feel free to tie up and relax for a bit longer or if you are more daring slip the rope and off you go again. Many European countries have boating holidays on offer and will tailor the length of your break to suit your individual taste. So whether it’s just a few days break you want or the full 14 days there is something for all.

Where to Go

Your choice of destination is enormous you can cruise in the UK, Ireland or on the Continent in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland or Italy. Continental summer weather can make for sunny days and partnered with a nice bottle of wine can make the whole canal boat holidays thing a great relaxing experience. Soaking up the atmosphere in these places as you pass through the local towns is not to be dismissed easily and can make the whole trip a remarkable event.


The most exciting part of course is the planning the route of your boating holiday. It might be your taste to book a sport orientated cruise or a historic cruise for instance. Perhaps you might enjoy being close to nature or a water sport cruise or any combination of these that would suit your personal taste. Golfing cruises in France are very popular and you can also tie in sight-seeing and catching the local attractions as well. Or if you really want to relax what about a wine tasting cruise in France or Germany but do be careful not to overdo it will you. Enjoying the canal-side restaurants and the cafe cuisine and meeting the locals in small villages and towns is something else to look forward to. Your options are many and varied just as it should be for perhaps your only holiday break during the summer months.


Flexibility plays a large part in your holiday planning both as to the length of the break or the activities you might enjoy. Prices for the whole family can be adjusted to suite the size of the boat and no doubt the younger ones will find it all one great big adventure. This is where boating holidays could provide an exciting and varied programme for you or perhaps something just that bit more relaxing and different perhaps the choice is up to you to choose.


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