The Gun Box Sentinel Project

Who does not wish to keep his loved ones safe at all times? With the increasing number of crimes in today’s world, it is very important to ensure one’s own safety and also the safety of the people he cares about. Keeping a registered gun or rifle can protect a person from thieves, burglars and even enemies who can go to any extents to cause harm to another and fulfil their motives.

The Gun Box

However, it would not be very smart to keep a rifle or gun in plain sight as this makes the weapon accessible to the home owner as well as the intruder, allowing the latter to misuse it if need be. But what if one could make use of a gun box which looks so stylish and designer, that one can never tell what lies beneath it giving the home owner the advantage to use the weapon at his discretion?

Gun Box Sentinel

The Gun Box Sentinel is a great product allowing home owners to store their defensive shotgun or tactical rifle in plain sight with quick access to the same any time of the day or night. It comes with the world’s first tactical Bluetooth speaker stand and boasts of in-built Bluetooth speakers too!

The owner can unlock the device within a fraction of a second by using any 1 of the 3 ways possible which are RFID, biometric fingerprint and the Bluetooth app. The motion alarm within the device helps to secure it while the device itself can be secured onto the floor with the help of screw holes which are drilled into its base plate.

More than $40,000 have already been pledged on the project. And if you could back the project by spending $489, you get an early bird offer that helps you get one of these firearms storage earlier than others at a 30% discount. You can even choose your own color.

The Gun Box Sentinel helps keep people safe and sound in a very flashy way.

You can support this project and join them at:

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