The Hidden Mystery behind Scented Soap

Today, most of us buy commercially manufactured soaps and use them. But, are they really good? Do you need scented soaps? Are they any good? Originally, soaps were different and meant to cleanse the skin. They were made from animal fat, vegetable oils, ashes of plants and other secret ingredients.

Even so, basically they were real soaps and cleansed the skin without leaving it dry and parched. Later on, naturally occurring ingredients that add a pleasant aroma to the soap were added. However, all that’s changed now.

Scented Soap

Commercialization of the soap manufacturing process and the greed to make more profits increased. More often, what one finds in the shops as soaps, are petroleum-based hard and corrosive detergents!

Besides, during “saponification,” the soap-making process, the glycerin that’s formed is stripped off. Yes, companies now remove the Glycerin that’s formed during the process of soap-making and sell it for profit, or use for creating other products. What irony!?

The glycerin that is formed during soap making is what helps retain skin’s moisture content while cleansing. When companies strip off that vital ingredient, soaps become harsh and leave our skin inflamed, dry, itchy or irritated with use. We then have to apply moisturizers or lotions for effective skin care, which in turn, use the glycerin that’s stripped off during the soap making process for moisturizing the skin!

Also, unlike earlier, soap making process is no longer skin-friendly. Today, soaps are laden with harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates. The former is linked to cancer and the latter is linked to reproductive issues. Our skin is highly absorbent and porous, so it absorbs anything that it comes in contact with it. That’s not where it ends.

Before, the ingredients were natural and so was the aroma. But now, soaps come in all colors and aroma! Sadly, they are created in laboratories. Yes, even the perfume or fragrance used is synthetic. However, we prefer perfumed or scented soap, because they help fight body odor.

Does that mean you should not use scented soap? Not really, you can go with natural soaps that use natural ingredients. You can prepare soaps at home with natural ingredients, or buy homemade soaps that are now available. Though they can be quite pricey, when compared with leading brands, they’re almost similar in price.

There are three types of soaps making process, one is melt and pour and the other two are hot and cold process. The first type is where soap is manufacture and melted and poured into molds. They’re not harmful as the current chemical products.

With hot process soaps are manufactured using heat, whereas the cold process does not use heat. Cold soaps take more time, but they’re the best out there. Besides, with natural soaps, essential oils are used for adding aroma. Essential oils are extracted from plants and plant parts, using steam distillation or other processes with minimal or nil heat, where the volatile compounds are intact.

While scented soap isn’t all that bad, the manufacturing process and the ingredients used are the main culprits. The key is to buy real ones, irrespective of whether it is scented soap or not, with natural and skin-friendly ingredients only.

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