The many benefits of adding value when selling online

Creating buzz and loyalty by adding value to products sold online can make a huge difference in terms of profits. Not only will it set certain businesses apart, it will create repeat custom that leads to repeat success. So how exactly can value be added without breaking the bank?

Adding value to items sold online need not cost the earth. It is in fact more to do with selling items that are thoughtful, special or unique and it is something that has been the subject of extensive research. The concept of ‘consumer surplus’ is a theory underpinned by the notion that when a customer buys something they perceive to be ‘perfect’ they are more likely to a) spend money with the company a second time and b) communicate their positive experience to others.

But how can this difficult to pin down feeling be best achieved? What follows are a number of ideas, ranging from offering personalised items to gift-wrapping items with tissue paper, intended to add value.

Getting personal

Customising items is an incredibly effective way to add both monetary and emotional value. Take plain baby-grows for example – when bought at wholesale prices each item will cost around  1. However, personalise these and the unique, customised, special product can be sold for over ten times its original value. A personalised strategy can be applied to any number of items including:

  • Stationery
  • Accessories
  • Toys
  • Greetings cards
  • Home furnishings

Package deals

Making sure that each and every product is advertised with the possibility of coming in a package deal is another innovative way to add value. This could be as simple as offering 2-for-1 deals when appropriate or it could take a more subtle form; for example, ensuring that a customer browsing for shoes is never far away from a link to socks, tights, shoe care kits and so on. It is always worth remembering that capturing a customer’s imagination when they are in a spending mind-set is incredibly beneficial   who knows where one purchase can lead?

Dressing it up

Packaging in another meaning can also add value. Providing the option of a gift wrapping service is an extremely easy way to add value   indeed, the overheads of keeping stocked up with sticky tape, tissue paper and ribbon is more than offset by the value gift wrapping and considerate packaging can add. Style and luxury is easily achieved. For example, a simple notebook can be transformed by the addition of patterned paper and a satin ribbon. Turning the simple into luxury has major benefits when it comes to feedback received from the customer. Too often, items ordered online arrive battered and bruised beyond recognition so offering an alternative is important. In fact, adding value is often all about bucking the trend and it really can make all the difference.


Della writes regularly on the topic of founding and maintaining small internet businesses for a range of websites and publications. Those considering the ideas outlined above can get more information from this page in order to kick-start a new business or rejuvenate an existing one. She  supports and advises work from home entrepreneurs and is an expert in everything online selling related, from packaging to doing the books.

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