There is a Kickstarter campaign that is interested in managing films with ambitious life goals. The campaign is comprised of some of the best actors and film makers in the movie industry. This group of film lovers are comprised of people from different regions in the world who work well as one with their great skills.



Basically, the project is all about a new movie that is about to take a big storm on the entertainment industry. A small recap about the movie is that it is based on a main character called Juan.

The guy happens to live in Antofagasta, a very small town. But he is driven with his big dreams and ambitions of living in the city with big tall buildings. Luckily, he gets himself a chance to go study in New York, a city of his dreams.

He is at the verge of fulfilling his dreams when his mother develops serious health problems and poor Juan has to go back to his small town and leave his pretty amazing life in the city. Find out the intriguing story in the movie Antofagasta, New York” which is the feature Film.

The campaign is aimed at reaching the financial goals for the project. The movie project is estimated at a low cost budget. As we all know, for a movie to be successful, a lot of resources is involved including money, time, actors with great talent, skills and passion.

Funding is really needed from well-wishers in terms of renting of the equipment for the film production such as cameras, the footage hard drives, the sound and electrical equipment. Other great financial needs for the project include the project design and costumes for the actors. Moreover, a schedule has been prepared for this project to make sure that it is completed on time where the project is planned to be finished by May 2017.

You can support this project and join them at:

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