The Perks of Using a PS3 Emulator for Windows

If you have a computer running the Windows operating system and would like to be able to play PS3 games without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for the actual console, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. With the use of a PS3 Emulator for Windows, you can have the same experience with your gamer friends without having a sinking savings account.


So what exactly is an emulator? To keep things simple, it can be defined as a program that tries to follow the behaviour of a particular gaming console and lets you play games on your PC even if they were designed to run only on the original platform. As long as your PC can handle the graphics and processing requirements of the emulator, then you are good to go.

Now that you have a grasp of it, you may be asking yourself: should I just settle with the PS3 Emulator for Windows or is it so much better to buy myself the PS3 console? While it would be nice to have the actual console and not have to worry about setting it up on your PC, the emulator does have its own perks:

  • It’s free. All the software that you need to download and install are being distributed over the Internet free of charge. Even the updates will not cost you a thing. You do not have to buy any other equipment, except maybe a USB joystick or controller so that you can really get the feel of playing the actual Playstation, but that’s almost negligible since you can even buy one for just $5. This is really great news to those who don’t like the idea of investing $200 to $300 on something that will only be replaced by a newer model after a few years.
  • The PS3 Emulator for Windows is really easy to setup. You just need to download the installer for the emulator. If you’re lucky, it will already install the BIOS and plugins for you in one go. However, there are instances when you need to install the BIOS and plugins yourself but that is easy as it is just like a normal setup file (.exe) that you need to run.
  • You can play your favourite game in your own language. If the official release did not include your native language, there may be some programmers who have made a translated version of the game which you can run on your PS3 Emulator for Windows
  • You can play modified versions of the games. It is actually popular among programmers to change certain elements or features of the game such as the appearance of the characters, vehicles and in-game soundtracks. They can even add gameplay cheats such as increasing the number of bullets, expanding the character’s lifespan, unlocking hidden areas/skills and inserting “easter eggs”.

Overall, the PS3 Emulator for Windows is worth a try. Anyway, you don’t have anything to lose and you get to experience the games on a whole new level.

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