The Right Way To Select A Commercial Pool Contractor

Owners or managers of the public or commercial pools have a tough time when you talk about the cleanliness of pools and making it bacteria free water. The house owners with a pool relatively have an easier way to deal with such a situation because they do not content with the possibility of hundreds of people using the pool in just one day. Also, for a residential swimming pool, it is simple to code and put up a “take a shower and then jump in” rule.


Commercial swimming pool at schools, hotels, resorts, apartment buildings or public swimming areas necessitate the requirement of a reliable and professional commercial swimming pool contractor. You need to find a good contractor to assure that they manage all the related tasks efficiently and complete them on time, on your behalf.

  • Detection of leakage
  • Cleaning
  • Time to time maintenance
  • Water chemical balance
  • Repair of the equipment
  • Installation of the equipment
  • Assessment of the accessories like slides and diving boards
  • Assessment of the structure of the pool for any trip hazards

When you’re looking forward to appoint a commercial pool contractor, make sure you enquire specifically about what all in included in the contract price, especially how many in a week will they pay a visit! Also, enquire if the contract involves the expenses of the chemicals or it will be added exclusively in the fee! Make sure that you acknowledge the contract well, and find out all the services he renders before making your hiring decisions.

The health of the water is of utmost importance in a commercial swimming pool and it is the top most priority of a contractor to keep it up to the mark. The owner of the site knows that he cannot be ready for anything lower than the stellar facilities because it is he who will be held responsible for the well-being of those who use the pool.

At the time of interview with the commercial pool contractor, you can enquire about the details on the following facilities:

  • Cleaning of the filters- in depth
  • Backwashing the pool as and when required
  • Conditioning of the pool water
  • Water testing and addition of chemicals as and when required
  • Addition of chemicals to the water to bring to a securer level
  • Thorough cleaning and vacuuming of the pool

If the contractor is ready to render all these facilities, then you can definitely hire them.

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