Things To Consider Before Purchasing Best Rugs Online

Rugs and carpets in your home makes a lifetime purchase for many. But that could only be productive if you know about the quality, colour and price of the rugs. A genuine rug shop offers a bewildered range of rugs. It’s like buying a diamond piece.

Somewhat a lifetime experience and you surely deserve to know about the quality of your purchase. These are the following points to consider while purchasing a great rug carpet:

Quality of the wool- though several other raw materials are used in the process such as silk but wool is the most common one! The quality of wool determines the whole quality of the rug. If the wool is poor, the rug will be poor. The pile of wool used for oriental rugs should be lustrous, with a silky appearance. Wool rugs shouldn’t be limp but springy so that it could be easily compressed. Coarse wool is usually considered best for carpets. The Persian wool rugs are usually the rug of highest quality. The tender hand spinning adds to the durability of the rug. Thus, if you know the type of wool and whether it is machine spun or hand spun, you can easily know about the quality of the rug.

Dyes- The next point to consider is the quality of dyeing items used. Previously all dyes were natural and thus they changed colour or faded with time or wider exposure to light. However, with chrome dyes, all these problems were eliminated. According to ARYA Tapis • Accessoires as the contemporary dyes do have their own disadvantages too, one should inspect the rug cautiously while buying. Check the knots and roots. If there is deep colour in the roots, then the possibility is that dye is elusive to light. And, if the rug is entirely light on the pile section in comparison to the back, it means that it has been chemically bleached.

Construction- Hand woven rugs are constructed with millions of knots. Looped vertically and secured horizontally, each yarn is preserved and made in the form of warps and weft setting. The number of square per meter or sq. inch showcases the quality of the rug. However, it is a misconception. The quality of the rug depends on the type of wool, design and its provenance. However, a perfect way to check the apt construction of the rug is to insert your finger in the pile. If you sense the weft, chances are that the rug will not depreciate.

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