Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Taobao Agent

Whether you have already made your first purchase from Taobao via an agent or you’re wondering whether you should rely on the agent or not, then take a look at some of the ideas to strengthen your viewpoint!

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Firstly, enlist all the available Taobao agent that you’ve come across through recommendations, forums and Google search about buying and shopping in China. Look out for the detailed info about the agent, rules and regulations about delivery and payment and get a complete picture of what it will cost you to hire an agent. Compare the different commissions and estimate your budget. If the agent gives you the promise to look for your purchases on your behalf, then you should definitely give it a try. A good Taobao agent should look for the quality and price of the product along with the repute of the seller before making a purchase from the site.

Secondly, if you aren’t sure about the selection of the Taobao agent, then make contact with the shortlisted ones and talk to them. In this way, you’ll find out how reactive they are. You can also make out some of the business characteristics from their reply quality. Always make sure to check whether your own language is available in his service list or not.

Third and most important thing to consider is the international shipping fees. It is your Taobao agent who suggests an estimation of the total shipping costs involved. He advises you about the best way to get your items delivered. It involves selection of shipping company, delivery company, optimization of the parcel weight and custom clearance suggestions.

Your Taobao agent is of great help to you for any purchase made from Taobao. So, it is always advisable to appoint one before commencing your transaction from China.

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