Think Once Again – When You’re Contemplating Marriage

Why contemplate marriage at this age and time? The rules of society are now aren’t as strict as it were two centuries ago when seeing a female’s ankle was already considered as a violation of propriety.

Today, it’s very much accepted if couples – unmarried, mind you – decide to cohabit – and that’s living together under one roof, just in case you don’t understand.

Contemplating Marriage

Marriage seems to be filled with so many problems and when you ask married people about their opinions of marital bliss, most would probably state that entering marriage was really the worst thing they could and have done in their entire lives.

If you’re contemplating marriage, here are a few factors that you have to enter in the equation.

The Reasons For Marriage – Never ever enter marriage unless it’s for true love.

Okay, that may sound mushy but true love is just about the best reason you’d want to be legally tied to another person and risk being fined a large amount if and when you do stray the lines of fidelity. So really, true love is the only price that’s worth marriage, isn’t it?

On the other hand, if you’re about to enter marriage because of an accidental pregnancy, you must think very hard if you’re ready to sacrifice your independence for your unborn baby.

Of course, it’s best for children to have a complete set of parents but if the family atmosphere would always be fraught of tension as you and your husband don’t seem to get along at all, it may be best to raise your child as a single parent.

Prepare For Compromises – If you’re contemplating marriage, be aware that marriage means giving up the sole right of deciding for yourself. From then on, almost everything must involve mutual agreement. As a wife, there may be times that you’re required to defer to his judgment or risk having your first ever fight as a married couple.

No longer are you able to wear anything you want, buy anything you desire, do anything that strikes your fancy and dictate everything that goes on in your house.

In marriage, everything is “ours” and never can it be “mine” or “yours” anymore. As conjugal laws go, all properties are considered to be owned jointly or shared by the two of you. When it comes to children, you don’t have exclusive rights to reprimanding them and deciding on their futures.

There are a lot of changes that would no doubt happen in your life if and when you enter marriage. So if you’re contemplating about it now, be sure to contemplate some more.

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