Those Loving Pets, where would Man be without Them?

Some say a home is not a home without a pet. There’s something to be said for that friendly woof and waggy tail which greets you on your return from a horrible day at work. Or that purring warmness which snuggles beside you on a cold winter evening. How would man survive without domestic pets?

Ever since early man brought his hunting dog out of the cold yard and into his home pets have been a mainstay of everyday human life.

Loving Pets

1. Unqualified Friendship

These animaux de compagnie have given so much pleasure by simply being there, that their benefit to the human psyche is without bounds. In fact, increasing numbers of hospitals and elderly care homes are allowing pets through their doors as their presence has such a beneficial effect on their patients and residents.

A definition of pet is an animal which is kept to keep a human being company. This does not include animals which are used for sport, livestock or work as they are kept for economic use. It doesn’t matter whether the animaux de compagnie are dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, budgerigars or fish as the choice of pet is purely up to the individual and their home circumstances.

2. Aid to the Elderly

In fact any animal can be kept as a pet and their presence can provide beneficial company to those who would otherwise be alone. Having another creature to care for in your home can be extremely valuable to the elderly who may otherwise not see another living soul all day.

Taking a dog for a walk can give so many benefits to the owner. That it gets them out into the fresh air and taking exercise is undeniable, but think about the social side and the opportunity to meet others walking their dogs. Most dog walkers will stop and chat and it is that interaction which is so important. A friendly smile and a short conversation can be the difference between loneliness and company and can give a positive feel to the day.

3. Therapeutic Pets

As to the benefits to the elderly who cannot keep their own pets a visit from a therapy animal has been proven to have benefits. The tactile element of stroking a warm, soft creature can calm and relax the individual and this form of therapy is increasing in popularity.

Some people who have had to move into residential care have not been able to take their animals with them and these visits mean they can still maintain contact with animals. It is very difficult to expect people who have had pets all their lives to suddenly give them up. This in itself can give rise to depression and a regular visit from therapy animals can help minimise this.where and if they are able. It makes living in a residential home more like being back in their family homes and, instead of becoming institutionalised makes for a happy and settled residency. Many pet related companies such as Hills Pet offer advice on pet care and nutrition and can advise on the use of pet therapy and its associated benefits.

AUTHOR BIO: David Sinclair writes regularly on pet care issues for an assortment of animal websites and blogs. He uses supplies and equipment from sources such as Hills Pet during the obedience classes he runs at his home.


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