Top 10 Dating Mistakes You Definitely Don’t Want To Do

Most men get nervous thinking about how their date will end. They try to plan it well in advance, and make sure things go right. They look for ways to impress her and get a second date.

On the other hand, one thing that worries every man is what if something goes wrong. Just like any other thing, dating has its own dos and don’ts and to make it work better, you better concentrate on the don’ts more.

Listed below are 10 mistakes that you should avoid making while on your first date. Make sure that you go through all of them, missing out on even one can lead to a bad date. Also, you can enroll for GFAS to ensure your dating life goes smooth.

  dating mistakes

  1. Play games: There are only two reasons for which men play games on their dates. They are either they are not at all interested and they want something very badly. Well, whatever is the reason, avoid playing games.
  1. Never talk about your ex: This is one of the most stupid mistakes that anyone can make. Even if you are talking about your ex casually, your date will think you are still into her.
  1. Fantasize future: Well, this is particularly a girl’s thing. However, a few men to do things like these. Don’t think of the future and try to be as practical as you can. If you are looking for a serious relationship, now is not the time to think, so slow down.
  1. Don’t be too anxious: Being anxious on a date is quite normal, but don’t let it kill your and your partner’s mood. Try to take it easy and enjoy every moment of your date.
  1. Understand the signs: If she is not picking your calls or not replying positively even when you are requesting for the second time, just get the idea that she is not interested.
  1. Think before you say: You are on a date and not interrogating her. You are allowed to ask her questions which will help you know her, but not such questions that make her feel awkward.
  1. Avoid intimacy: Make sure you don’t force yourself on her. Let her have her space and comfort zone. It is also recommended not to have a kiss on the first date.
  1. Don’t rush: If you are working too hard to make it work, this will simply scare her off. Remember, she would love to get involved, but she needs time.
  1. Don’t be dishonest: Just don’t agree on everything that she says. Of course you don’t have to oppose her every time, but try to be honest.
  1. Don’t sacrifice too much: This will again give her an idea that you are trying too hard to make it work. Let things go smooth and slow.

Well, that is it. If you want to have the most memorable dating moments, then avoid the above mentioned silly mistakes. Enjoy your time with your partner and let her have the same. Play slow and enjoy more.

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Robert Wolf is a relationship expert and he often writes about how to approach women and techniques that one can use to date. You could also visit their website to check out the review of the girlfriend activation system, and benefits of getting one for you.

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