Tossocial – A Social networking site with a personality

We all think that we know ourselves to the hilt. However, we cannot deny the fact that our dear friends are the ones who knows almost everything about us. In fact, in some cases it is quite possible that they know us better than we know ourselves.

The underlying fact that no matter how we are, our friends simply take us the way we are not judging us in any manner what so ever. Keeping this fact in mind the new social networking site is launched.

The whole endeavor of the is to unravel important and interesting aspects about one self from our friends. We all are extremely curious to know what exactly our best friend has to say about us. Curiosity killed the cat but not in this social networking site. Here your friends get a chance to write what they think as a suitable adjective to describe you.

Many a times, one will get startled to see what exactly their friends think of them as a person, as a human or even as a friend. Many secrets will come out of the bag and many thin ice layers will be broken amongst friends.

Thanks to this social network, one will get to know many important aspects about their personality which otherwise they would have never been able to know in any manner what so ever.

That’s not all; also if someone wants to find some credible information about a person, they can read what their friends have written about them on this site. Most of us are curious to know what others think of us and tossocial is the best place where we can actually find this out in the most incredible manner.

The site is doing their launch giveaway. For their contest page on facebook you may check out the page here

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