Tropical Kitchens in the Florida Keys – Renovations Indoors and Out!

Renovating a kitchen in the Florida Keys offers some special opportunities. If you’ve chosen the tropical lifestyle of a home in the island chain off of the tip of Florida, you’re probably ready to make some special choices for your new kitchen.

One Marathon home owner used coral rock for counter tops instead of granite – the natural indentations were filled with an epoxy based filler just as is used for travertine marble, and then a high gloss epoxy finish was added to make it stain proof. The same look can be achieved with durable quartz such as the line by Caesarstone.

Home owners in the islands often make dramatic choices such as putting in a skylight over the kitchen so that they can cook in natural light.

A popular flooring choice in tropical areas is to use bamboo – it looks like any other hardwood floor, but it is a sustainable material, making it a green choice – and if you’ve stood on tile doing food prep for any length of time you know how much easier it is on the feet to stand on a wood floor for long periods of time.


Another cost saving way to add a wood floor in a kitchen is to use plywood that has been routed on the bias to give the look of grout lines and then painted with an epoxy base paint to give a glossy finish. It looks like tile, but is easy to stand on for long periods.

Other hot new trends in kitchen appliances are perfect for tropical island living in the Keys: after 15 years as the go to finish, stainless steel is giving way to white! Stainless just wasn’t as easy to keep stain free as you’d think – finding a cleaner to get all those smudges off the beautiful stainless was tough.

Stainless tip: if you do decide to stay with stainless, try Old English spray for cleaning! You’ll be very nicely surprised!

If white appeals – check out Whirlpool’s White Ice Collection.


Whirlpool also does a line of “Black Ice” and the color motif of black and white has long been popular – classic, really, for kitchens. Think black granite counters with flecks of silver to pick up the white of the cabinets and tile floor.

A lot of Florida Keys homes have open floor plans to take advantage of the light coming in sliding glass doors opening to the ocean or waterfront views. The island lifestyle is also casual and lends itself to a more relaxed style of living where the cook wants to stay connected to the guests while in the kitchen. An open floor plan does mean you want to consider the colors of your living space when choosing the flooring and accent colors of the kitchen.

Of course, if we’re going to talk about kitchens in the Florida Keys – or on any island or Florida community, we have to at least give a nod to the Outdoor Kitchen. It may just be a barbecue grill or it may be a more elaborate set up with a counter, running water and a covered lanai to protect an outdoor range and cabinets, but whether you go simple with a hibachi grill or all out with a gourmet kitchen, cooking outdoors in the Keys is essential. When you get back to the dock with dinner from your fishing trip, there’s nothing better than throwing the dolphin on the grill!

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