Two Major Factors To Be Considered By Women Before Starting Small Business?

In ‘A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf had emphasized the importance of financial freedom for women. In today’s economic scenario, earning women are more a compulsion than a statement.

To earn money and explore the unprecedented liquidity and profitability, business, however small, has no rival platform. And as per the reason, it might be to support the family or just to challenge one’s ability to be successful and declare ‘Here I am’!

Women and Small Business

Factor One: Nature of Business

For small scale business, Women folks should concentrate on what they are good at. They have some inherent qualities and in the initial stages they must explore those and utilize them strategically. Jewelry designing, fast food shop, bridal dressing, day care center and so many – everything should be considered before the launch.

Women with specialized skills or training or academic background would find it easier to churn out the experience and start small business of their own. Otherwise, counseling from trusted peer groups also helps in solving the issue of the nature of the business.

Factor Two: Financing at the Initial Stage

Once the business set up is determined and finalized, the next issue would come up as financing. This is serious matter. If the idea of starting a business is no better than a fad or a result of momentary ecstasy, then it would surely incur heavy loss. So planning for financing and its repayment commitments should have been drafted on concrete reality.

Thanks to internet, there are certain businesses like writing articles or blogs online which, apart from the social security code, does need initial funding and ensures residual income. It would help to accumulate money for future. Personal savings are emergency requirement and should not be parted with. Crowd funding can be useful where your near and dear ones put their contribution to meet up the initial requirements.

Author bio: Meir Ezra is a popular business personality and a great inspiration for all of them who are planning to start their business. Men and women can read more about him and learn some great things from his life which can help in motivating them in their new business.

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