Weak Immune System Can Result into Various Allergies

An allergy is itself an allergic term for anyone of us. Allergy occurs because of the weak immune system. It can also be said as the hypersensitivity reaction of our body to the allergens.


Allergen: Substance that is responsible for creating allergic reactions in our body is called as allergens. A same allergen may create some allergic reactions on one person and no reaction on other. This is primly due to the person’s immune power. Depending on the allergens, area of affection, type of rashes produced on the skin the allergies can be classified into many types.

Any form of allergy should definitely taken into concern because it may lead to the development of systemic diseases. There are many causes for the allergy. The allergic reactions may be triggered due to the environmental source or the host may himself the source. The host factors may be inherent from birth which is triggered due to poor immune system.

There are many diagnostic tests which helps the physician to select the proper treatment regime. Commonly anti-histamines are the main option by most of the physicians. But it is better to know the condition properly and then start the treatment. This is due to the fact that some medications may just keep the condition under control till the dosage is continued. The objective of any treatment should be treating and curing the condition, just not only adapting the patient to a new chemical in the form of drug.

Recent improvement in the treatments of the allergy is the allergy shot treatment. This is a form of immunotherapy. If you want to know about what is Immunotherapy? You may check out here. This is nothing but the shot of allergens to stimulate or trigger the immune system. This therapy requires long term commitment from both physician and patient, but best method of treatment which stimulates the body’s defense mechanism.

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