What clothing do I need for practising yoga?

You may be practising yoga for the first time and are not quite sure what clothing to take along. As it is an exercise which requires flexibility, you will need appropriate clothing. Here is a guide on what to wear to your yoga sessions.

Yoga is a deeply relaxing and invigorating exercise that helps the body become more flexible and helps free the mind from stress. If you prefer less vigorous exercises but still want to keep fit, then this is ideal for you. However, you will need appropriate clothing for your yoga sessions so here is a guide on what to wear when you attend, although such clothing can also be a real fashion statement for when class is over.

Yoga Clothing

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Yoga clothing is designed specifically for you to be flexible as well as to be comfortable. If you find that you tend to get too hot during your yoga lesson then a bra top or tank top may be better for you. If you are only going for a short session or the weather is particularly cold then a traditional t-shirt may be better.

This will provide support no matter what position you are in. You can always wear a tank top with bra support underneath. Go for a longer top with layered straps to provide extra support, but tops come in a variety of feminine colours and styles, so you can feel comfortable yet look stylish when attending your yoga class.

Bottoms and All-in-ones

For those who like to have maximum movement, there are a variety of yoga shorts in different colours and styles. Go for a tight fitting short for more movement or choose a baggier style to stay cool. For the more self-conscious, there is a selection of super flexible long leggings and   length yoga pants.

This clothing is designed to be functional when practising various postures and are designed to help you move fluidly from one position to another. You don’t need to go for a separate top and leggings; you can always try out an all-in-one for your yoga clothing instead. A jumpsuit provides flexibility and comfort so is ideal if you want a less complicated outfit to wear to your session.


You may need some extra support or some accessories when you practise yoga. When getting ready to go home you may want a cover-up such as soft cotton short sleeved and long sleeved designs. These are ideal for wearing to yoga as well as wearing during the day with your regular outfits. If you like extra support, then leg warmers and arm warmers can help. In addition, if you like to practise yoga at home in your spare time, you can choose from a selection of quality yoga mats in a variety of stylish colours.

Wearing sporty clothing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. With the wide variety of yoga clothing available, you can look fashionable as well as functional.


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