What Size Necklace Should I Buy for My Baby?

Amber jewellery, especially those made from Baltic amber, is becoming increasingly popular

A fossilized resin, amber has been used for centuries as an incense, jewellery, ornamentation, and as a traditional remedy. Recently amber jewellery has also become a popular accessory for babies.

necklace for baby

If you have been considering purchasing some amber jewellery for your baby, here are a few pointers:

  • Get a necklace. While it might be tempting to get your baby a bracelet, these can be hazardous as babies are often putting their hands in their mouth, not the place you want a bracelet to go.
  • Buy from a reputable vendor that trades only in authentic amber. Sadly there is an active fake amber market out there and some unscrupulous.
  • Choose Baltic amber to ensure you get the very best quality available
  • Amber comes in a range of colours, with the lighter, milkier colours said to contain higher amounts of Succinic Acid

Sizing Your Amber Necklace – Safety Considerations

When buying a necklace for your baby sizing is critical.

You want a necklace that your baby can wear comfortably, at the same time you want a necklace that does not hang too low – you do not want your baby chewing on the necklace.

Ideally you want a necklace that rests on a baby’s collarbone and if pulled up reaches no higher than your baby’s chin. This ensures there is no way your baby can get the necklace into his or her mouth.

Measuring Your Baby To Get the Correct Size Amber Necklace

We always recommend measuring your baby – you can do this using a piece of string or some other non-elastic material (even your own necklace) and draping it around your baby’s neck. Measure the string (or whatever you choose to use) using a tape measure or ruler.

Sizing Guidelines

Sizes 11” to 11.5” or 11.5” to 12” are usually ideal for petite babies, while sizes 12” to 12.5” are more suitable for average sized babies until they’re around two years old.

The following is a standard conversion chart, listing necklace sizes against a baby’s height.

Necklace Size

Child’s Height













These are a guideline. Your personal choice and your baby’s comfort also need to be considered before deciding on what size to buy.

That said, safety is a primary consideration. No matter what length or bead style you choose, you must ensure the necklace is NOT long enough to make it possible for your baby to get it in his or her mouth.

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