What You Need To Know About Music on Hold

It’s an open secret that at one time or another every one of us has been put on hold and we most likely didn’t enjoy the experience. As a business owner or manager, you have the privilege to do something and change the experience of your callers. Messages on hold and music on hold provide a better solution to this problem but with some professional input, it can be made more than just filler. Music on hold refers to a licensed background music or music that is nicely mixed with some voiced advertisements and announcements that have been programmed to play 24/7 into your phone system; the only time that callers hear music on hold is when the hold button is pressed.

Make the wait pleasurable: When used creatively, music on hold can make the wait to get connected a pleasurable experience for the callers; you can also use the same time to pass on important announcements about your company and products. You can choose what kind of music you would like your callers to listen to and whether it should be mixed with advertisement and announcements. Media message companies have music on hold experts who are highly trained to advise you appropriately.

music on hold

The difference between auto-attendant and music on hold: Music on hold is completely different from an auto-attendant; the automated attendant simply plays pre-recorded announcements that are installed into the telephone system itself and it basically functions as a voice mail module of the telephone system. This part of the phone is completely different from the music on hold function.

Music on hold is desirable and necessary: There is no doubt that on hold music and messages on hold have become an integral part of doing business today; research seems to indicate that more and more companies are looking for the services of message media companies so as to get professional music on hold. This is because there is no company that wants to lose a caller who interprets silence as they hold as an indication that their call was dropped; additionally, companies also want to avoid the chance that on hold radio could play an irrelevant song or message at some point as well as an advert from their own competitors.

Silence causes confusion: Silence, while you are holding, is awkward and the first reaction is that they must have hung up on me. On the other hand, radio will easily allow other companies to advertise to your caller while they are holding; using outdated messages on hold could easily send a signal to a regular caller that there is no chance of getting something fresh in your company and they could easily move somewhere else.

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