What You Need To Know About Tile Roof Installation

When it comes to roofing materials, homeowners have such a wide variety to choose from; the choices can be made according to size, texture, durability, style and, of course, the cost. Tile roof installation, one of the most popular choices comes with a variety of choices as well. Roofing tiles come in a variety of textures, colors, designs and thicknesses. The tiles are molded and hardened using heat or a chemical reaction. Most tile roof installation materials are class A in fire rating which means they are resistant to fire; this should help in the prevention or delaying of fires and it allows for enough time for the fire department to arrive.

tile roof installation

Contrary to popular opinion, weight is never an issue with tile roof installation; they are generally thin and are not in any heavier than the layered asphalt shingles. If you want to have a tile roof installed, ensure that you talk to expert roofing companies so that they could address your issues and concerns about the material being used. Of all the tile materials available, cement tiles are normally considered the lightest ones. You can also be sure that tile roofs will not fade even when subjected to direct sunlight.

The other great concern for those considering tile roof installation is the price; tile roofing materials are available in different price ranges. There are options that are expensive while others are affordable enough for people on a budget; you must remember though that higher quality tile materials will definitely cost you slightly more. In tile roof installation, the prices are generally higher when you are dealing with larger sheets. On the other hand, the smaller tiles could be cheaper initially but you will pay higher for installation costs because they involve more work.

The most common tiles most people have seen around are clay tiles that come in an array of colors. You will find some that are glazed while there are others that have been made to be fade-proof even when they are subjected to direct bright sunlight. Concrete tiles may cost you less initially but their main disadvantage is that they normally easily fade away in the sun.

Just like with all other roofing products, there are a few downsides of tile roof installation that should be mentioned. Tile products can be a little expensive initially but the good news is that they are quite durable; they can actually last a lifetime with very little in terms of repair and maintenance. Secondly, tile roof installation requires professional workmanship especially when you consider how fragile they are; walking on top of them without skill can bring a lot of damage.

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