When all you want is Mr Right Now

There are times in your life when a companion would be nice, but you simply don’t have time to invest in “the one”. Maybe your career is the most important thing in your life at the moment, and you would consider it selfish to neglect a partner by putting in long hours and climbing the corporate ladder.

Mr Right

Maybe your biological clock simply isn’t ticking just yet, and you’d rather spend a few years in the company of a nice guy – or nice guys – who doesn’t necessarily tick the “father of my children” box. Maybe you’ve done all that, the children are grown and off your hands – you may be divorced or widowed, and not willing to get into something serious again.

In short, you’re looking for Mr Right Now. The guy that’s great to spend time with, but isn’t for keeps. The one that you’ll always remember fondly as the right man for that time of your life, even if he’s not the right man for the rest of your life.

Difficult to find, isn’t he? Your friends are trying to marry you off, especially if they’re happily partnered themselves, and the social dates you may have might either be looking for wife material, or worse still, something more casual than you’re after.

There’s only one smart solution to this – look online. You might think that online dating is the solution for finding a life partner, but Global Personals and other sites have people that are looking for just the same thing as you. Whether you want a companion for the occasional dinner or theatre trip, or for something a little more serious but still with no promises of long-term commitment. If you’re looking to keep your options completely open, look for websites that offer more casual relationships and friendships; co-exist alongside those helping you find a life partner through websites like Global Personals.

There’s always the chance in casual relationships that one or both of you end up viewing the commitment as something more than you initially intended. Great if the feeling is mutual, not so good if not. However, you may both find that you’re ready to then seek “the one” – register at websites like Global Personals, and begin another adventure, this time for the rest of your life.


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