Why Co-Sleep?: What Parents Need to Know About This Controversial Practice

Co-sleeping can be a controversial subject. This term describes the habit of children sleeping in the same room and/or the same bed as their parents. Those against the practice say it’s potentially dangerous because of accidental deaths caused by a small baby being rolled on, smothered or falling. As long as it is done correctly and with no drug or alcohol consumption by the parents, co-sleeping can have many benefits for parent and child.

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Finally Get a Good Night’s Rest with Baby

One of the most immediate and challenging difficulties new parents face when raising a child is sleep deprivation. Some children are great sleepers while others simply won’t stay in their cots at night. When this situation arises, parents who fight against the desire to bring baby into their bed may wind up suffering through many sleepless nights.

Each child is an individual, and just because a family’s first, second or third baby was a calm sleeper doesn’t mean the next will follow suit. Parents can improve their sleep and encourage their child to stay asleep during the dark hours by co-sleeping.

Physical Benefits of Co-Sleeping

This may be difficult to believe, but spending time so close to your child while resting can actually promote better health and growth. Being near a parent helps a baby’s developing nervous system learn how to self-regulate while sleeping. Many also believe that safe co-sleeping reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This happens because the child is less likely to fall into a deep sleep state that they cannot wake up from when problems arise. The breathing of nearby parents also encourages babies to remember to do the same as they rest.

Social and Emotional Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping can actually impact the type of person your child becomes when he or she grows up. Researchers have found that boys who co-sleep from birth until about five years of age tend to have higher self-esteem as adults. They are also less likely to suffer from anxiety and guilt issues. Girls tend to display less discomfort with human contact and affection when they become adults. Overall, co-sleeping supports sensitivity and a feeling of parental acceptance which helps the child grow up to be  healthy in many facets of their emotional and social life. Parents who want to give their babies a strong start should consider learning more about how to safely co-sleep.

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