Women in Business: Starting a Small Business in Your Community

As the decades have passed, one thing has shown to be true: women are fantastic business people! Whether it be large corporate ventures, or smaller local businesses – there’s no shortage to the list of smart businesswomen that have created waves with their unique insights into products, culture and mass America.


So, if you’re a woman who thinks she might have the next great business or product idea – why not start a thriving small business in your local community?

In this article, we’ll run through a couple different scenarios, and help you see the opportunities that are presenting themselves every day for your next business venture.

Why not be the next business mogul of your community – and use your feminine knowledge to generate some extra income!

Picking Your Business: What’s Your Unique Skill?

In deciding how you can use one of your many skills to start a business in your community is as simple as thinking about the many things you’ve done in your own life. Have you headed up any clubs in high school, college, or beyond?

What of the many things you’ve learned while raising children can you apply to a business model for monetary gain. If you’ve been an expert at helping your kids work through the hardest math classes, perhaps you should start a tutoring business?

If you’ve created the best routes in your town for navigating to countless family commitments – perhaps you should launch a delivery service. One things for sure: with your savvy experience and knowhow, you may start by doing the work yourself – but you’ll end up managing other employees soon. You’re the brains of the operation, and don’t you forget it!

Apart from all this, you need to get the help of accelerator network such as startupacademy.org which can help you get started in your small business in a very professional and successful manner. Startup Academy is basically an online platform and marketplace for startups and businesses that want to grow with time. Their team guides you in a better way and help you to start with your start-up job within 3 days.

Launching Your Business: Invest to Make Money

While you will need some startup capital to create your new business in earnest, you will be making money soon enough. It’s all about how you invest this startup money, and the ways in which you tactically launch you new business that will make the return on investment happen. In a local community setting, there’s a lot to be said for the networking that women can do within women’s organizations, groups and fundraisers.

As you attend the open meetings for these groups, bring any samples or coupons you might have to attract customers – and always remember to print business cards with your business contact information on them. It’s not a bad idea to have any number of print marketing media with you that will promote your business, and show crowds that you exist in more than theory. These are things like product brochures, rack cards, and presentation folders. You can’t afford to skimp on the materials that will make your small business launch a success.

Retention Marketing – the Key to Keeping Your Business Strong

Once you’ve launched a successful marketing campaign that will create new customers, it’s essential to work these same existing customers to retain and buy your products or services again. In remembering the same successes you already enjoyed with your initial marketing launch, you’ll want to get active in your community on a personal level again.

As a successful female business owner, you’re no doubt a model for many young women who’d like to expand their horizons – so why not let them see you face to face as often as possible? Beyond the “pressing of the flesh” that’s good for any business venture, you can gain a lot more ground by adding in some retention marketing efforts like email campaigns from your customer lists, digital display ads with retargeting and direct mail. The more you can throw out there to your existing customers, the greater chance they’ll buy from you again.

Use Your Networks

The final tip for any women who’s starting her own business is to leverage the social networks you already have in place. As a woman, you know many other women from the various communities you participate in. It’s time to access these people as your valueable outlets to get the word out on your products and services.

They know you, they trust you, and they won’t forget the help you’ve been to them in whatever connection you’ve had in the past. The strongest tool any business can possess for new customers is referrals – and for you, your female networks are your greatest resource for referral customers!

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