Wooden Doors – Why Should You Go For It

English: Beautiful Door Carvings at Kalaseswar...

English: Beautiful Door Carvings at Kalaseswara Temple, Kalasa, Karnataka, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just bought a new house? Tired of looking at options for the doors – wood, vinyl, fiberglass, composite, etc?

Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before assessing the materials, take note that the doors will include the front and the back door, and the doors on the inside of your home.

You will want to bring some synchronization on that note. Being the front and back doors, the material should be such that, it can withstand all the tough folks on the outside.

By tough folks, the reference here is to the harsh weather conditions, the wind, rains, etc. Well, you can also count the ‘not so pleasant’ visitors who yank at the door, in for considering the material of the door!

Why go for wood doors

Wood is a material which ranges from simple, to elegant, to royal! The variety that wood offers is unbeatable by any other material.

When you think doors, then interior wood doors would be the first on your mind. This is because wooden doors are:

–          Easily available

–          Sturdy, Reliable

–          Flexible

–          Available in different styles

–          Available in different variants

–          Elegant

–          Blends seamlessly with your interiors

–          The most sought after option for homes

The list goes way beyond the points listed above. Apart from this, the kind of fitting required for wooden doors, especially the interior wooden doors also makes Wood doors an easy choice.

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Wooden doors and Purpose for usage

For interior wooden doors, you also need to consider the different designs available. Designs here would include all factors ranging from:

–          Type of fitting

–          Thickness of sheets on the door

–          Paint, oil color

–          Carvings on the door, etc.

Another factor that needs consideration is the finish for the door. There is a finished wood and there is also the unfinished wood. In finished wood, there are different types of finishes available. So take a decision on this factor, based on the life of the door, the location of the door, etc.

Doors serve a dual purpose, both of which are critical to your home today. First purpose being to safeguard your home, the second purpose is to add elegance to your home, to enhance the aesthetic sense of your home. So take extra care in deciding the right kind of wood for your doors, be it the main doors or the interior wooden doors.

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