Your Guide To Purchasing Functional Clothing

We all want to look and feel stylish, however there is definitely more to fashion than just looking good! As well as making us look like a million Dollars, our clothes should also be extremely functional and practical in every day situations. Read on for our guide to purchasing functional clothing that also looks stylish. It’ll be a joy to own and wear…

Functional Clothing: Comfort

It is a myth that looking good means wearing clothes that feel uncomfortable on the body. It is possible to choose garments that look great and can be worn all day in total comfort. Look for items that fit your body shape but aren’t too tight, and choose fabrics that are gentle on the skin. If you’re concerned about feeling hot in the summer, breathable fabric will help you to keep cool on hotter days.

Functional Clothing

Functional Clothing: Creaseless Fabrics

Creaseless fabrics are great because they reduce the need for ironing, which is a task that not many people enjoy. In addition, a creaseless garment is great for travel. It can be packed into a suitcase and then unpacked at the other end with minimum hassle and fuss.

Functional Clothing: Machine Washable Clothes

Getting your clothes dry-cleaned is a hassle – and it can also work out very expensive. In addition, dry-cleaning is bad for the environment. This is why it makes sense to choose clothes that can be machine washed at home. If the item is also creaseless, then even better – you can take it straight from the washing machine and hang it up to dry.

Functional Clothing From S Dress

S Dress is a fashion label that takes pride in producing stylish clothes that are also extremely functional and practical.

Each item in the S Dress collection is designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to own. They use high quality, breathable Italian fabric that creates what they call a ‘second skin sensation.’ This feeling is enhanced by the lack of zips, buttons and labels, meaning that you almost forget that you are wearing anything at all!

As well as being comfortable to wear, the S Dress catalogue has been designed to be highly practical. An example of this attention to detail can be seen in the fabric the company uses within the range. Not only is it extremely high quality and kind on the skin, it is also totally creaseless, with absolutely no need for ironing. What’s more, most S Dress products can be washed at home, meaning no costly and time-consuming trips to the dry cleaners.

Whilst S Dress scores highly when it comes to functional clothing, the range is also every bit as stylish. It has built up a strong reputation for producing classic styles that are flattering to the figure, whilst also being extremely versatile. A great example of one of its stylish, yet function dresses is the Dana dress. The innovative design of this dress means that it can be worn in no less than five different ways, making it a great piece of versatile, functional clothing that deserves a place in any woman’s wardrobe.

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