Different Phases Of Relationship That You Must Know Before Getting Into Relationship

Relationships are unique and different from each other. Due to this, it becomes much important to go deep in your relationship and make it strong. Although, there are many ways through which you can set an example by making relation between you and your partner effective and long lasting for several years. But, most of you don’t know that relationship is divided into different phases and one who will understand these phases is not going to fail in his or her life.

Main phases of relationship – Following are the main stages of any relationship that all couples go through, have a look:

Infatuation stage – In any relationship, the first stage is infatuation stage and it starts with uncontrollable urge and attraction. Both the parties are sexually attracted towards each other. In fact, in this stage most of the people avoid seeing flaws of each other and focus only on good side.

Understanding and building trust – Second phase that come in any relationship is to understand your partner. In this stage people talk with each other for long hours and try to know more about each other. This helps in increasing understating level and also enhances confidence on each other. Along with understanding, in this phase trust is also build since both know about each other and understand well. So, this helps in building trust.

Discovery stage – Once couple passes above stages of parforhold faser, it is assumed that all expectations fade away. In this stage, both side start discovering more about each other and make necessary efforts to know whether they can fit in life and work together or not. Couples often start clarifying and defining their commitments, roles, compatibility and responsibilities towards one another. In fact, they must question on like how much they know about each other, how to express their love, how to communicate with each and how to make their relationship better and long lasting. In fact, they must avoid unhealthy behaviours like withdrawals, defensiveness, commitments, criticism and must focus on forgiveness, compassion, patience and acceptance.

Stability stage – Once you have decided that now you both can understand each other very well, its time to move to stage of stability. The thrill of love and being in love returns once again and in case, if you have gone through powerful and struggle stage then love even grows more deeper and it takes more mature form. In stability stage, it becomes clear that you will never going to betray your partner and will always live happily. You will learn that you both are made for each other and although, your partner is different but still you both are made for each other.

Commitment stage – This is the next stage of relationship phase and in this couple finally surrender. You know that you both love each other and are ready to do anything just to bring smile on other’s face. In this stage, you can say you partner confidently that you both are made for one another.

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