Different styles of paintings

We all know paintings are being used as a communication tool even before we started speaking. The art of painting is being developing since that time and now we have various styles of paintings.

painting Some of the styles are:

  • Abstract art: This is a kind of art in which paintings are made in a simpler way, it may not relate to any one in reality but its artist’s way of showing his imagination or his own world with the help of colors and shades. Now it has also been evolved and has different categories like abstract expressionism, color field, lyrical abstraction, etc.
  • Surrealism: This is a kind of art in which many images are projected together to have a startling effect, these images are all imaginary. Mainly you can say this kind of art is the face of your subconscious mind.
  • Conceptual Art: This is a modern style of art in which the paintings are made to show some particular concept. Artists main focuses on the concept rather than the image, mostly these kind of paintings are find along with some sort of sculptures, writings etc.
  • Pop Art: This is basically evolved due to the abstract expressionism and can be seen in the comic books, cartoons, advertising, etc. Artists use this art to create paintings which are related to reality but presented in a different way.
  • Photorealism: One can easily understand by the name itself that here the original photograph is being used. Artists first click the photo of the image and then paint it; there are many artists in today’s time who perform this sort of art.
  • Hyperrealism: Basically it is an advanced version of photorealism in which the artists use very high quality cameras to click the image and then paint it on the canvass, with more sharpness and contrast.


There are many styles of obrazy; one can easily choose the best which suits him the best. All have different tastes and effects.

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