Stop Killing Your Feet – Choose The Right Footwear

Wearing shoes is an everyday necessity.  There’s simply no way to walk around barefoot all day long.

For some people, this isn’t really a problem as they view their footwear as another way to express their individuality.



The biggest problem with most shoes, however, is that they are killing your feet.  This is leading to some serious and long terms problems that often require medical intervention.  Fortunately, there is a great solution.

The Problem

The biggest problem with most footwear is that they simply aren’t designed with the natural function of your feet in mind.

This is somewhat surprising as so many other things in life are designed with functionality first and foremost. Shoes, it seems, go against this trend.

Most shoes are designed with fashion as the first and main focus.  This has led to some very nice looking shoes but that fashion comes at the price of both comfortable and the health of your feet. Men’s shoes are a major offender in this category.

The thick, hard soles of many shoes force your feet to move in a certain way.  More often than not, your feet are fighting to force the shoe to bend and move the way it should.

A human foot is made up of many tiny bones and muscles.  This constant effort is causing damage and strain on a daily basis and can lead to malformations of the delicate bones and muscles.

Another major problem is that many women’s shoes simply don’t let your feet breathe. Just like the rest of your body, your feet need plenty of air.

One reason for this is that the airflow regulates the moisture levels of the skin on your feet.  When too much moisture is trapped around your feet the skin can actually begin to rot.

Your feet also become susceptible to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

The Simple Solution

Constrictive and uncomfortable footwear is often something people think they need to accept and live with.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Recent trends in fashion have brought back luxury footwear that is both comfortable and designed specifically to work with your feet rather than against them.

Moccasins have been around for centuries but only in recent years have fashion designers realized their benefits.

The soles of moccasins are often much more pliable and lightweight than nearly any other shoe.  This lets your feet move and bend the way they’re meant to rather than forcing them to work with the shoe.

The way they are constructed also promotes positive air flow around your feet.  Even when wearing socks, a moccasin will let your feet get the air they need and remove the moisture they don’t need.  Every step helps to ventilate your feet and this has the added benefit of keeping you cool in the summer.

The best thing about them, especially moccasins for men, is that they come in such a great variety of different colors and styles that they can match nearly any outfit or situation.

No matter how you need to dress, you can find a moccasin that will love and care for your feet while looking just as great, if not better, than any of the old shoes you might have in your closet.

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