What can make you a perfect football manager

Anyone can be a football manager by just picking the team, choose the tactics, and shout guidelines from the book.

But not everyone can lead their team to victory. It takes a lot of pressure, criticism, and energy to bring out the best from a volatile team of football players.

Here are some attributes needed to be a great football manager:

A manager should have several attributes depending on their management style and the kind of team they are handling.

For instance, a club manager may need a different skill set in comparison to an international football manager. But, below here are some attributes which every manager should have:

Leadership: It is an important skill for a manager to have as he needs to lead a team. A manager should choose a leadership style and follow it. There are two major types of leadership skills:

Either a manager can be an autocratic leader or work as a democratic leader. Irrespective of the approach they chose, the manager should lead the team in the right manner and give the players all they need to make the game a success.

Tactical knowledge: A good sports manager should have tactical knowledge too.

They should have a major way of playing along with several backup plans. A good manager can change their tactical plans according to the game of the opposition and tell a team how to score or defend a goal.

Locate talent easily: A good manager has an eye for talent and can easily spot the next megastar. They can train anyone and transform them into a top-notch player. A good manager knows the right way to use a talent and use it to the team’s advantage.

Confidence: A good manager should have confidence in this team, irrespective of knowing their weak points.

The team may be 2-0 with just 10 minutes left, but he doesn’t give up. A manager oozes confidence in the players and builds a great team. Yes and he never stops believing in his team. Confidence in the team brings success and great managers are perfect in this

Management: Perfect managers know how to tackle volatile players. They can choose players with low confidence and nurture them well.

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