Why Choose Moissanite Rings Over Diamond?

The idea of opportunity cost strikes the mind when selecting the gem of your choice.

What will you gain by selecting one over the other?

What are the benefits of canceling out? Well, the same goes when you choose moissanite rings over the diamond.

moissanite rings

moissanite rings

Purchasing a ring isn’t a matter of tax, but your preference. Here are some reasons why you should moissanite rings over the diamond:

Hardness: The MOHs scale for gems helps in measuring the hardness of every stone. Moissanite is resilient which means it can easily fit into your day-to-day life.

In simple comparison, moissanite has a 9.25 hardness in comparison to diamond which is 10.

1- Fire and brilliance

It includes silicon carbide which means it has a limitless abundance. It has a double refractive index which adds to its fire and brilliance.

The brilliance refractive index of a gem is the amount of how much a gemstone refracts light from different angles.

So, it means you will have more sparkle than you get in a normal diamond (2.4 times more).

Due to this moissanite ring and other jewelry items are today getting more popular than ever before.

2- Eco-friendly

Moissanite is environmentally friendly. You don’t have any reverse of gem mining, but when you choose moissanite, then you can easily get it in the lab, hence you rely less on mining.

It is only made of silicon carbide which means it has a limitless abundance.

3- Great choice

Moissanite has impressive qualities and has the potential of a gemstone. The best thing is that it need not be mined and can be made in the lab because the material isn’t scarce.

People call it the gem of the stars. So, it is a gorgeous and forever stone.

4- Low financial burden

It serves as the best deal for your money. Moissanite has brilliant optical properties and serves as a perfect testament to its worth in beauty.

The best thing is that it comes at a fraction of the cost. So, if you really want to choose an alternative to the diamond, then this is just the right option.

It gives you all the benefits of a permanent ring.

These amazing features make you choose moissanite rings over the diamond.

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