Guidelines for Content

The Site will NOT Accept these articles/guest posts at all:

1. Less Than 500 Words (excluding author bio)

2. Are Scraped, Copied, Not Original, Spun or Poorly written

3. Are About Pornography, Pharmacy, Viagra, Enlargements etc.,

4. Have Direct Links To Affiliate Websites

5. Are Solely written for getting links

6. If are Press Releases or Written for Any Company

7. If Not Related to Women

You are allowed to submit only 1 high quality article per 24 hrs. So be careful and submit only the useful content. We recommend to wait until your previous article is published or scheduled, before submitting another article for review. 


For Quick Publishing of your Articles/Guest posts:

If you want your articles/guest posts to be accepted and published on high priority and quickly you need to follow these guidelines:

1. The more the number of articles you submit to your account the greater will be the acceptance chances.

2. Your article/guest post should give USEFUL information or Tips and Tricks or should provide any solution to problems which are related to WOMEN.

3. Your article/guest post should follow the backlink guidelines and link submission guidelines.

4. Your article/guest post should be unique and your original work written by you.


Backlinks Conditions:

1. One dofollow backlink from either Author Bio or from article body, for articles equal to or more than 500 Words.

2. Two dofollow backlinks, one from article and one from Author Bio for articles more than 1000 Words.

3. Don’t make the links in bold and don’t put the links in the first paragraph of the article/guest post.


What can you do if your article is Not Approved:

If your article/guest post is not approved, then it will be placed in drafts along with notes for rectification. You can login into your account and make necessary corrections so that your article/guest post satisfies our content guidelines. Then you can resubmit your article/guest post for reconsideration.

If your article/guest post is not reconsidered then it is placed again in draft and it will be removed after 3 days.

Submitting useless articles will make us to close your account and you will not be allowed to post the content thereafter.


Publishing Conditions:

1. We fully retain the right to publish or not the article/guest post submitted by the authors/contributors, even if the article/guest post satisfies the content guidelines.

2. We retain the right to publish the article/guest post submitted by the author/contributors at any period of time as we think is appropriate.

3. The author/contributor retains the full rights on the article/guest post submitted by the authors/contributors.

4. Once the article/guest post has been accepted by us, the author/contributor does not have the right to republish it anywhere else without our prior written permission.

All Useless Articles that does not follow the guidelines will be sent to Trash.