Wonderful Look with False Eyelashes

It is a dream of every woman to have long eyelashes that will make them look beautiful. To make their eyelashes long, there are many women who apply mascara to their eyes.

English: A human eye with mascara on the eyelashes

English: A human eye with mascara on the eyelashes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By applying the mascara they have not only long eyelashes but also their lashes have extra volume. But, in today’s world the women are more advanced and they use the false eyelashes instead of using the mascara.

Popularity of false eyelashes

The false eyelashes are not popular just only in the recent days. They were popular from a long time as more and more people engage themselves in late night parties and without them they feel that something is missing.

It is also true that the false eyelashes also make them look less tired when they go to the party after a hectic work schedule. One of the added advantages to it is that you will not have to use the mascara on top of it and it will last for a longer time.

Tips on using

If you are using the false eyelashes for the first time then it may seem a bit difficult job for you. It may happen that you have applied more glue which will make the job a terrible one.

It is always advisable that if it is your first time then you should visit the salon and must do it there to get some experience. To begin with you should always go for the simple one. You should always try to use the clear glue instead of the colored ones. After applying you have to leave them for sometimes so that it gets dry. You should trim the lashes as per your requirement.

Tips on removing the lashes

When you have applied the fake eyelashes then, you should also know how to remove them. It is always advisable that you should remove the eyelashes before going to sleep. The simple way of removing them is by using the warm towel or even you can do it by the makeup remover. Keep them in a safe and clean condition by dipping them in a solution that will be provided to you.

Author bio: Ellena is a fashion student who has recently joined beauty school NYC to help make her career in fashion and beauty. She dreams about getting known as a popular makeup artist.

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