Can You Sneeze In Your Sleep?

Well, you do not sneeze when you’re sleeping, and the credit goes to your brain and location. In practicality, you are actually prone to sneezing while you’re asleep, as the mucous membrane continues smelling even when you lie down. They are more sensitive when you lay on the bed. But because you don’t have much air movement to tickle the irritating particles, so they do not exposed to stimulants.

When you’re up, allergies, particles stimulate the nerve cells of the nose which sends signals to the brain to cast a sneeze to remove whatever is annoying it. But, with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, some of the neurotransmitters stop functioning. This phase is called REM atonia. This states that the motor nerves aren’t getting stimulated, so they do not send any signals to the brain.

Sleep and sneeze cannot happen at one time

It is ultimately impossible for anyone to sneeze in their sleep, because sneezing is a reflex action and your brain needs a good amount of stimulation for your sneeze reflex to get activated. And, once you fall asleep, the brain section which is responsible for signaling the sneeze action gets less active.

And, this is the reason you do not feel any stimulation to sneeze while you’re asleep. However, in certain cases, adequate external stimulates can initiate the sneeze, but in the end you will have to wake up to do so… so, all in all, you cannot sneeze at any cost while you’re asleep.

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