Craze of Girls for Cool and Stylish Bikes

Since ages driving bikes, for girls it has been a passion. While growing up, seeing their brothers driving bikes has made them keen on driving bikes. Apart from being a good physical exercise, driving bikes is good time pass for those who do not have any material work to do. In their adolescent years bikes for girls have been an important source of entertainment, when they no more like playing with dolls and other games where they (small girls) imitate mothers, while working all day long in the kitchen.

Driving bicycles certainly brings an enormous change in the personality of a girl child, she grows well, healthy and even if she does not work out, and drives a bike that is more than enough for her to have a healthy mind and body. Usually I have seen mothers restricting their daughters for cycling outdoors seeing to the bad condition in and around the world, which is just not appropriate for small girls, my advice to such mothers is, do not restrict her, rather try taking out some time for your daughter, go out with her and allow her to drive her bike in your presence, till then you too can have a walk with her.

Girl with Stylish Bike

Usually girls have a problem of fat deposition mainly around hips and thighs and some others have it near the stomach region. For them it is advisable to drive their bikes for 30 minutes every day and then they can see a considerable amount of fat reduction in the area concerned. But along with that they certainly have to get into a diet schedule if you wish to lose some weight. You really have no idea as to how much health benefits does it give you in the long. Everyone knows driving bikes can help us in maintaining our health:

Health Benefits with Regular Bike Riding:

  • Prevention of obesity.
  • Prevention of hypertension heart diseases.
  • Prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Bikes for Girls

Seeing the growing liking and passion of girls for bikes many brands have come up with various new and trendy bikes for girls. Mountain bikes were not made for ladies but recently seeing the unstoppable adventures by ladies the companies are forced to design such bicycles that can be driven by ladies, which are the mountain bikes.

How are Women Bikes Different From That of Bikes Made for Men?

Whatever the difference may be, but the fact is that a man can drive a woman’s bicycle, but a woman cannot really drive a bicycle designed for men.  Let us see what actually makes women’s bike specific.

  • There is a shorter top tube.
  • The seat tube is seen to be slightly steeper.
  • The head tube angle is relaxed and is taller; this makes the ride easier and comfortable by reducing the upper body and neck strain.

There are other geometry frames that can be kept in mind while designing a bike exclusively for ladies.

  • The brakes and shifters can be fixed and sized accordingly (for smaller girls).
  • The handlebars can be made even smaller thus making the stem shorter and upright.
  • In order to accommodate a woman’s wider sitting bones, the saddle can be made a little wider in size.
  • Smaller wheels and tyres, so as to prevent toe-wheel overlap.
  •  Last but not the least, those specific girly colors, like yellow, pink etc. which will certainly distinguish a girl’s bicycles from that of a men bicycle.

Tips Before you Purchase a Bike:

  • A test drives by the one who has to drive it initially. This makes you discover as to which one can be the best bike for you, which is comfortable and easy to drive.
  • Buy cycling accessories for you– For once men may avoid cycling accessories, but women do not. Even if it is a small girl parents make sure that they get the best for their daughter and keep her safe and protected. The only “must have” cycling accessory that one should have is a helmet. This can protect your skull even if you meet with an accident and avoid injuries to the brain.

Choosing a Bike for Your Kid?

Keep the following things in mind:

  • A child’s bike is always measured by the size of the wheels and definitely not the size of the frame. Generally the wheel sizes come in the sizes of 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches. One must check all forms and sizes of the wheels by making your child sit on the bike and see if they are able to drive it properly or not.
  • Initially buy your daughter a four wheeled bike, if she has not learnt cycling, make her learn first and then buy her a two-wheeler.
  • Do not let your child grow with a bigger bike, even bigger than her size, buy her comfortable bike, driving which she is safe and is less- dangerous for her.

Benefits of Cycling For Women

  • Definite weight reduction.
  • Improves the increasing blood pressure.
  • Lowers the heart beating rate to normal and also prevents many heart diseases.
  • Reduces or lowers the chances of cancer and diabetes.
  • Reduces the cholecystectomy rate that is the surgical removal of the gallbladder in women.
  • Regular cycling in normal cases proves to be of great help during pregnancy.
  • Improves muscle strength.

Bike Insurance

Talking about the important of bike insurance in today’s time, it is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration while buying a bike. Bike insurance is very important for every bike rider in today’s time. As accidents are unavoidable and no one has seen the future, so your bike insurance protects you and your bike from all kinds of accidents. Check out the several types of insurances available and pick the one which suits your requirements. Compare the insurances offered by several companies and go for the one that offers the best coverage at the most affordable rates.

All in all, cycling keeps the ladies safe and gives the pleasure of going from one location to another without depending on any conveyance. Check out the pleasure of biking once and experience it.


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