Tips for Getting More Out of Your Key Relationships

You know people and people know you. Right there you have the foundation of a relationship. Consequently, you have people that are important to you or at least play some role in your life.

There may also be a special someone whom you would like to impress, perhaps a future partner or spouse that you will try to know and will know you. Whereas other people have a connection to you, this one individual will have a special place in your heart. Here’s how to get more out of your key relationships.


Who Are You?

To know someone better, you need to know yourself first. That means fully understanding your likes, your dislikes, your passions and your preferences.

A lot of people just are not fully aware of who they are and that’s a shame because they end up assuming a personality that is not quite their own.

Understand who you are and what drives you. If you know yourself, then you will feel comfortable meeting new people. You’ll also present the authentic you to other people and they will get to know the genuine you too.

Who Are They?

Just as transparency and authenticity are important attributes for yourself, you must see those same traits in others. Never settle for anyone who puts up a facade or dissimulates themselves. You can cue in early on this by listening to what the person says and how they comport themselves.

To illustrate, if this person talks more about themselves and cares little about you, then you may have a charlatan on your hands. Endeavor to only liaise with people who are genuine and show affection for you.

Know Your Self Worth

Never pin your life on the position that you are in. If you are single, you may have marriage in mind. That’s a very good goal, but it can lead to disappointment and relationship failure if you give too much consideration to that desire.

The most solid relationships are built on trust, including knowledge of the other person. This takes time to build and cultivate. Loving and sharing are two virtues that provide a framework for any relationship. For this purpose, it is crucial that you develop these traits and also see them in the person you admire.

See Beyond Yourself

It is easy to look at life through a personal lens. That myopic outlook on the world can distort reality and mask the trials and tribulations of the human condition. Moreover, it is a sure recipe for a failed relationship.

Therapists in marriage counseling seminars believe that you should develop a listening ear, be slow to speak and try to contemplate what your partner is expressing. By all means be yourself and allow your friend to be his or her self too. You will cherish each other more, and permit love to flourish.

Acknowledge Problems and Challenges

No relationship is flawless. There will be struggles, disagreements, problems and challenges. How you and your partner respond will have a profound repercussion on your union. Resolve to discuss matters and to never permit disagreements to render your relationship asunder.

Above all else, if your relationship becomes so strained that disagreements or misunderstandings run rampant, then reach out for help. Find an amiable third party to assist you through your difficulties.

Grow and Nurture

If your relationship becomes a long-term commitment, as in marriage, expect that both of you will grow and evolve as time passes on. That growth need not pull you apart. Instead, it can help you both grow individually as well as together. Many couples have need heard saying that “I feel miserable in my marriage” which usually happens when they are both not prepared for a dedicated long term relationship.

In like manner nurture one another. Understand that each of you are imperfect individuals and prone to making mistakes. Forgive early and often, and do not be rash to speak. Live, love and laugh and you will have the makings of a solid, humane and entirely worthwhile relationship.

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