How To Turn A Girl On Over By Text Using Magnetic Messaging

As the title suggest magnetic messaging is a technique used to make your girl fall for you. It is a powerful medium to communicate the affection you have for your beloved. Words are sharper than action, which becomes true in magnetic messaging.

Magnetic Messaging This is mainly designed for men, because it’s always the men in this kind of a race to chase a woman and make her sweep of her feet. But it’s not that easy, you have to have either a heavy wallet or good look. Unfortunately most of the guys fall under the average category.

How Is It Effective

Girls usually carry their mobile everywhere they move. It became easy for guys to be in contact with their girl. Mostly all know how to text and it is necessary for guys to have the texting skill to make their converse effective. The things you mess up saying face to face will turn right when you text and you get enough time to think and use words properly and edit even.

How Does It Work

The first thing of the text says that you should avoid generic texting like example a normal one like ‘hi, how are you?’ this may create a usual formula which most of the girls ignore. If you have started your introduction it’s better to go for the Keylock technique where you make your girl feel that you are different from any other guy she met.

The second being the sequence techniques where you make her clear that you want to be more than a texting buddy. Try to be more of your emotion. The emotions can connect you to your girl which makes her stop thinking of any other guy but only you.

The last part to Learn how to turn a girl on over text using magnetic messaging being the technique which is used to evoke the sexual thought in women to make her know that you are more than ‘friend zone’.

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