Modern Orthodontic Treatment: For More Comfort And Better Results

The latest orthodontic treatment and approaches have evolved to such an extent that patients are now finding it more comfortable than ever.

Previously, the notion of dental care meant traditional brackets and tooth extractions that were too frequent a practice.

Orthodontic Treatment

However, things have changed drastically with the advent of latest technologies.

Adopting these techniques has helped the orthodontist to deliver enhanced treatments with impressive and faster results.

Thus, patients who want fine treatment and ultimately dental care look for orthodontists that have adopted these practices to have a favorable outcome.

However, in spite of all these latest technologies, the skill and expertise of the orthodontist also count to yield fruitful results.

Orthodontic Mini Screw Approach

This process has been quite into practice for some time now. It has now become a part of oral surgery approaches. In this process, surgical grade titanium screws are used.

With this method being in practice, Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs are now finding new meaning in the world of orthodontic dentistry.

With the use of TADs, patients are now able to overcome the challenges posed due to the unwanted movement in anchor teeth or the molars.

It is giving a fixed posture to the denture that enables the teeth to move only when it is required eliminating the risk. TADs are removed after the treatment is over.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

The introduction of cone-beam CT scanners into orthodontic dentistry has revolutionized the process of diagnosis.

Due to which better treatment planning is now achieved for a patient. Through this process, the orthodontist can judge the entire three-dimensional bone structure including the skull and jaw bone.

This helps in getting a clearer picture of dentition along with the details and symptoms. This is an incredibly powerful tool. The operator has the ability to manipulate the image and get a view from all possible angles and sides. Evaluation is better and faster to ensure better treatment and results.

Passive Ligating Braces

This is perhaps the most radical change that has been in the field of orthodontic dentistry.

According to dentist in Bangalore, experts can now understand how friction with ligation forces work together and affects the teeth movement.

The conventional twin brackets treatment that is frequently used to move the teeth in place is quite time consuming and at the same time provides discomfort to the patient.

With this new system that uses a slide mechanism that opens to allow the provider to place wires inside in the perfect place and close it after the completion of the procedure.

Customize Your Smile

The exciting new addition to the world of orthodontic dentistry is the use of custom-designed brackets and wires.

You can customize your smile with these Insignia that incorporates 3D planning software for tailor-made designing of wires and brackets.

In this 3D software technique, a typical set of impressions is transformed into a precise 3D model that resembles the teeth of a patient.

Brackets are made according to this model and placed on the teeth ensuring proper fit and functionality.

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