Pekingese Puppies – The Royal Dog Breed

Pekingese is a type or breed of dog which has the history dating back to the 8th century. As per the ancient history this Pekingese breed of dog mainly originated in the country china during the period of the tang dynasty.

And the name Pekingese also thus derived from the city name Peking which is now popularly called as Beijing. The Peking puppies were mainly bred in the ancient times only for the royal people like kings and queens and thus it is also called as the lion dog of china.

English: Pekingese, Chinese Dog Breed, Lion Dog

English: Pekingese, Chinese Dog Breed, Lion Dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Later these Peking dogs were brought to other nations mainly England where they gained much popularity by its attraction that too mainly when it was gifted to the Queen Victoria.

Later the popularity of these Peking puppies were slowly started spreading to other countries and now most of the world countries are having this Peking bred of dogs and puppies.

As already mentioned that these Peking breed of dogs were mainly used by the royal people, thus it has that much attraction and royal look with it.

Hence most of the rich people mainly the rich ladies use to have this Peking as their favorite pet animal.

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Being a royal pet dog the care of this Peking has so many divisions. For taking care of these Peking puppies so many people are available readily who when called will come and totally make the puppy ready with attractive royal beauty by making preparing it for bathing, then drying and putting various fragrance and costumes in attractive way.

Owning a Peking puppy is also very easy but the major thing is that it costs little higher than other bred of dogs, that too in case if it is Pekingese Puppies then the cost will little more higher than the adult Peking dogs.

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